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Money Heist Season 4: The Most Awaited Part Fans Are Excited For – Review

Money Heist Season 4

Yes now, the wait is over. Robin-hoods of Netflix are back. Money Heist is the Spanish series named “La Casa de Papel.” It originally started on the Spanish network Antena 3 in 2017. Netflix got its global streaming rights in December ’17. And, today released Money Heist Season 4. It is the most awaited part. Fans are excited about it. Let’s get a review-

Money Heist: Previous Story Line

In first two seasons of the series El Professor and team successfully heist in Royal Mint Of Spain. Next two seasons are about their next heist in Bank of Spain. In the start of season 3, we see one of the members of team El Professor named Rio get caught by police. Hence to free Rio Professor rebuilds his squad. Through this heist, he wishes to pay tribute to his late brother BerlΓ­n. In 7 episodes of season 3 see we see they successfully enter the Bank of Spain.

Money Heist Season 4

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In this heist, Nairobi gets shot. Meanwhile, Professor’s partner Raquel Murillo also gets caught. Hence Professor announces his plan DEFCON 2 on the police. In last scene, we see Tokyo narrating that the Professor gets trapped and says ‘the war has begun.’

Money Heist Season 4: The Most Awaited Part

In the last three parts, we see Professor as the calmest person. Subsequently, in the previous episode of section 3, we found professor orders to begin the war. That leads the whole story in another direction. Since the fans are eagerly waiting for season 4. There were a lot of questions in people’s mind. Like what will happen to Raquel? Will they able to escape or not? Did Professor make a mistake? And many more.

Money Heist Season 4

Money Heist Season 4: Is It Perfect Heist?

In season 3 while preparing for the heist, we all noticed that the Professor is not confident enough about the heist. He repeatedly asked for more time. Hence they did the heist to save Rio. As a result, we see a dramatic change in the heist. Professor loses temper and declares war. There was also bloodshed which defames their Robin Hood image.

Money Heist Season 4: Review & Fan Reactions

Money Heist Season 4

Bella Caio again gets people attention. These songs have a unique attraction. Actors, Directors,Β  shouting places, and background music all are perfect. Within 2 hours of the premier, money heist started trending on social media. Fans get crazy about it. They massively responded to their favourite characters. A supporter said like ‘this is the only best thing happening during the quarantine.’ So just go watch this brilliant show. For now “Bella Ciao.”

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