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Money Heist Season 5: If You Were Given A Chance To Bring Back One Character, Who Would You Pick: Berlin Or Nairobi!

money heist
The poster of the characters from Money Heist created for promotions.

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist season 5 is likely to pick up after the colossal cliffhanger which the fourth part left on. As for now, from the fourth part, we can say that Nairobi (played by Alba Flores) may not appear in the future episodes.

It is because her character was brutally executed in season 4. However, there are rumours from some fans that she has chances to reappear again in flashbacks as fellow dead characters have.'Money Heist' Part 5 Release Date: Why Fans Should Expect ...

Nairobi Is Dead!

For many fans, Money Heist is not just a show but an emotion. The fans involved in the show, thus loving the characters in it. But the saddest part in the previous season is its sixth episode.

We have seen that Nairobi is being shot dead in that episode. At the start of the series, we have seen that she recovers from her bullet wound from the end of season three. However, with Gandia’s escape, things became worse. His mission is to kill the heist members inside the Bank of Spain.

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What happened to Nairobi in Money Heist Season 4? Will she ...

Will Nairobi Return In The Money Heist Season 5?

Finally, he shoots Nairobi in the head after pretending to set her free. With this, her character comes to an end. This left the fans in tears. However, the fans expect her return in the coming seasons as a part of the flashback scenes. The same thing happens with some other actors too who were dead in the previous seasons.

But, her farewell video shows that she may not reappear again in the show. She thanks every one of the cast and crew for having her with them. Her words seem like bidding goodbye to La Casa de Papel.

What About Berlin?

We have seen Berlin sacrificing himself to save his gang. The second season ends with him criminal standing in front of the Spanish police. Berlin takes a bullet to his chest and kills himself. In the meanwhile, Tokyo, Rio, Nairobi, Denver, Stockholm, and Helsinki climb through the tunnel and escape with the loot.

However, Berlin’s character makes reappearance now and then when it comes to the flashback scenes. So, the fans are happy about that. Now, they expect the same to happen with Nairobi too.Berlin News, Articles, Stories & Trends for Today

Whom Will You Vote For?

If you have the opportunity to bring one of these two characters back, which one will it be? Berlin Or Nairobi?

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