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Money Heist Season 5 :Tatiana In La Casa De Papel?

Money Heist season 5

The award-winning Spanish crime drama television series that has captured the hearts of many is back with more drama. Even though it’s fifth and final season isn’t available yet, there’s still a stir among fans about Tatiana. Multiple theories are trying to connect her and the robbery in the bank of Spain, ongoing in the show.


Tatiana (Diana GΓ³mez) is the ex-wife of Berlin(Pedro Alonso), who died in the final moments of part two, in a heroic sacrifice. Tatiana was first seen in season 3 as Berlin’s girlfriend in season 3. It is unclear what has happened to Tatiana after her time with Berlin. However, there is so much speculation she could turn out to be a big part of the show.

This is not far-fetched, aside from being a concert pianist it was revealed that Tatiana is a thief as well. I guess we can see why Berlin was attracted to her asides from her gorgeous looks. The theories so far on Tatiana as good as well as they are bad.Β 


The Bad for Tatiana

One of the major speculations is she is somehow related to or is, in fact, Inspector Alicia Sierra. Inspector Alicia is the main antagonist on the show so this does not necessarily sit well with the fans. They both look similar although portrayed by different actresses.Β 

In a circle of people like that of Money Heist, trust is a very fragile item. When Berlin introduces her to the Professor, alarm bells begin to go off for him. This is because Berlin admits to the Professor that Tatiana knows every detail of their heist plans. As we go on this can prove to be problematic if Tatiana is not on their side.

The Good

Throughout the show, nobody has been able to surprise us like the Professor. Tatiana may prove to be an ace up his sleeve because of her skill set, she could be recruited. She being the Inspector herself doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

The problem with the theory of Tatiana being Alicia is that the timeline does not seem to line up considering Alicia is pregnant. Some have speculated in that case, that the pregnancy could as well be faked. This wouldn’t particularly be a shocker seeing the nature of the show.

Of course, this could all be meaningless speculation but it doesn’t seem irrelevant that Tatiana was introduced just for fun.

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