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Money Heist Season 5: What We Know and Expect

Money Heist Season5

Story So Far

Except you have been perfectly poised under a rock since 2017, then you would know of Money Heist. The show won the approval of millions of people, myself included since it burst on the scene. The hit Spanish Tv show is on its way for its fifth season. Here’s a preview of what we know and expect.

Fans have complained due to the delay of the show, because of some unanswered questions from the fourth part. Unfortunately, the show is also among the many who suffered the wreckage of the coronavirus in the entertainment industry.

What We Know

Money Heist burst on the scene in 2017 and since then we have been forced to bite our nails in excitement and fear. In its first part, we get introduced to the characters starting with Tokyo, whom the professor rescued. And then the unique personalities of the rest, Berlin, Nairobi, Helsinki, Oslo, Denver, Rio and Moscow.

The Professor
The Professor

The heist commences as they go through each part of the plan in detail while dealing with problems as they occur. One of the major problems being Inspector Raquel Murillo of the National Police. She tries to negotiate with the Professor who is overseeing the heist from a safe location.Β 

She later discovers he(the Professor) is also Salva(Alvaro Morte), her potential love interest. After 128 hours they’re able to escape with the printed money at the cost of 3 members’ lives. Raquel is torn due to her feelings for Salva and ends up going to see him. It would later be revealed that they became an item.

Things start to fall out of balance two years later when Rio gets captured by Europol. In order to get him back, the Professor decides to execute another Heist with added team members.Β 

It isn’t as easy this time as things go off course starting with Tokyo. And then even the Professor begins to waver when Lisbon(Inspector Raquel) gets captured. Then Nairobi is severely injured courtesy of the new inspector, Alicia and the team works to save her life. Unfortunately, she is later killed by Gandia, an escaped hostage who is also a bodyguard.

What To Expect in the Fifth season

Money Heist season 4
the Professor gets caught

The fourth and final part left us with so many unanswered questions and much to expect. And although there has been no official release date, some interesting fan theories worth reviewing have come up. Like the inclusion of Berlin’s ex-wife into the heist:

Read more about that here:


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