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Money Heist Season 5th Could See Tokyo As The “Only Survivor”!

Money Heist Season 5

Tokyo, the protagonist of Money Heist, has narrated the whole story so far. However, it could be because she will be the only survivor in the Bank Of Spain Heist. The final 5th season of Money Heist is arriving.

Money Heist Season 5th Could See Tokyo As The "Only Survivor"!
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Bank Of Spain Heist Is The Most Dangerous Among All

The money heist created by Alex Pina was not famous when it got broadcasted on TV in Spain. But it broke streaming records when it was available on Netflix. The final season will show what happens in the heist in the Bank Of Spain. The plan was to rescue Rio from the clutches of the police.

The Bank Of Spain Heist is the most dangerous the team has ever faced. Things started getting complicated from the beginning. However, the Dali mask team had a good taste of victory when they managed to rescue Lisbon as well as Rio safely. But still, the ending was troublesome. The mind master professor got caught by Alicia, which marks the end of the 4th season.


Money Heist Season 5th Could See Tokyo As The "Only Survivor"!
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The Dali Mask Team Have Public’s Support

So far, some significant characters like Nairobi, Oslo, Berlin, Moscow are dead. This time the team is laying their hands on 90 tons of gold from the Bank Of Spain. Their major accomplishment is that they have the support of the public, which was vital for any successful operation. The show created such a powerful symbolism that it is reflected even in the real-life political protests. People are wearing red jumpsuits and putting a Dali mask on.

Tokyo Could Be the Only Survivor In Bank Of Spain Heist

Supposedly since this heist is so risky, the ending could see all the characters martyred in the mission except for Tokyo. The web series began with Tokyo Words. “My name is Tokyo. But when this story began, that wasn’t my name.” It was a clear sign that the story is from Tokyo’s perspective.

According to sources, it gets revealed that in season 5th, Tokyo will face flashbacks of her former partner who got killed in a robbery. This incident made Tokyo strong, and now she is ready to face any hurdles thrown at her. Also, the flashbacks from the past could mean that something similar would happen to her in the finale season.

Tokyo was the main character from the beginning. Other characters have important roles, too, but the story always came back to Tokyo. The ending could see Tokyo narrating her tale from the beginning when she gets caught by the police or a proclamation to the public. However, these are just random guesses.

We have to wait until the 5th season airs on Netflix to know the ending of this fantastic thriller web series.

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