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Money Heist: Theory Claims that Alicia Sierra Is Berlin’s Ex-Girlfriend!

Money Heist

Netflix has made a blistering start to 2020. With several new shows and movies, it has been on a roll. Money Heist is the name on everyone’s lips and minds. Ever since its introduction in 2017, the show has successfully managed to catch every eyeball. Despite being a non-English show, it has become a smash hit within no time with four seasons out already.

The fourth season of Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) is currently airing on Netflix. With plenty of twists and turns, the show has managed to keep its audience at the edge of their seats. Several new characters were introduced in the third season. One such character is Tatiana, who happens to be Berlin’s ex-girlfriend.

But multiple questions surround her character and its close resemblance to police inspector Alicia Sierra. The fans have not held back in putting forth multiple bizarre theories regarding this. However, one theory that is taking an interesting shape is this……

Money Heist
The ending plot of Money Heist Part 4, where Alicia Sierra finds out Professor’s hideout.

Money Heist: Is Alicia Sierra Berlin’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Amongst all the theories floating around, this one has turned to be the most unique. The end of season 4 has left the fans asking for more. Police inspector Alicia Sierra has finally managed to trace down the Professor and has finally confronted him in the season 4 finale. This has fueled the speculations that Alicia Sierra may be dead Berlin’s ex-girlfriend.

This theory does have proof to back it. In the fourth season, we all got to see Berlin trying to get married to Tatiana, the love of his life. In the midst of all this, Berlin has revealed to the Professor that he has told Tatiana every single aspect of the plan, which leads to a heated discussion between the two.

Tatiana was introduced into the show as a concert pianist. But as the story progressed, the fans postulated that Tatiana and Alicia Sierra might be the same person altogether. Apart from the group, it was only Tatiana who knew the whole plan, all thanks to Berlin!! After the second season, Alicia took over as the lead negotiator. Alicia left the Professor stunned many times, leaving him speechless. It was as if she already knew every single move before the Professor even made it.

Money Heist
Berlin introduces Tantiana to the Professor in Money Heist Part 3.

Alicia has managed to stay one step ahead of the Professor this entire time. It is fair to say that it’s likely she knows the whole plan. However, with the Professors’ precision and meticulous way of working, this seems unlikely. But as we mentioned earlier, there was one person other than the heist members who knew about the entire plan..TATIANA!!!!!!!!!

And as per the theory goes, it seems that Tatiana has returned disguised as a police inspector. The fans have also compared the faces of the two, and it looks like they stand firm on this theory as the resemblance is uncanny. Season 2 saw Inspector Raquel Murillo joining the gang as Lisbon. Therefore, it seems like The Professor may have recruited his brother’s girlfriend as his inside man or woman in this case.

But the way the show has been going so far, everything we assume or say might be mere speculation……..


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