’Money Heist’ To ’Iranian Films’ This Malayalam Website Hs Got All The Subtitles For Free.


The pandemic has really done some goods in 2020. Recently a Malayalam company ‘Msone’ made free subtitles in their language for over 2000 films. And according to the reports, this was considered by a source of famous movie ‘Money Heist’, as the makers mention to Iranian films that ‘Msone’ made of 2000 free subtitles. Check out everything you need to know about it.

About Msone

On Saturday 2013 more subtitles were added to ‘Msone’, a Malayalam website for free subtitles. The website has introduced subtitles in their language for people the people of the state to understand all the movie from all around the world better. The initiative was taken for a good cause and it recently received world wide recognition. The company has received a lot of great opportunities there after and it still promises to deliver the best at the cheapest rate or at nothing at all.


Msone was initially started 8 years ago by a group of individuals who were very passionate about cinema. They took the initiative to make 3 to 4 subtitles of a films from across the world in Malayalam and deliver it to the audience. And ever since the start the people are working on it non stop with all the hard work and passion.

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According to the reports, in a recent interview some of the members of the company confess that it wasn’t as easy of a job as it look. It really took them a lot of effort to constantly devote time and create the best no matter what. However, their passion for work is what kept them going. Since all the people from the group had common motto and loved doing what they were doing. And not that they have finally received the recognition it is a success moment for them.

Download It For Free

Msone website mentions that if anyone shows away from foreign language films due to language barrier then they can download ‘Msone’ for free. It encourages people of their state to watch whatever they want without feeling shy or due to any language barrier. The film make Malayalam subtitles on every movie from all over the world. It helps people understand movie without struggling to understand it.


The idea first came up on Facebook where two people Pramod Kumar and Srijith Parippai made a group for people who loved cinema. They first decided to make subtitles in English from other language films. However, later the idea came up that not everyone from their state would understand English and hence they then switched to Malayalam. And made Malayalam subtitles.


They started the initiative in 2012, where they first uploaded subtitles for 25 films, and then more and more. Recently they even made subtitles of Iranian films. The first Iranian classic was ‘Children of heaven’ and that recieved a lot of fame and appreciation from a lot of people. The intitaivr had really helped thousands and thousands of people and deserve opportunities on higher level.


Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV Show and celebrities. What do you think about ‘Msone’?


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