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Money Heist Writer Sad About Killing Off Berlin’s Character

Money Heist Writer

Money Heist, the Spanish television series by Alex Pina, first premiered on Netflix on 2nd May 2017. Since its release, the show has managed to grab every eyeball. The fourth season of the show is currently airing. La Casa De Papel has been on the most-watched non-English shows so far.

The show has been a smash hit to date. With IMDb rating them at 8.5/10, Rotten Tomatoes has graded the show at a 91%. It has not taken the show very long to make the fans fall in love with it and its character.

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What Is Money Heist All About?

Money Heist Writer

La Casa De Papel a.k.a Money Heist is all about to a group of robbers trying to pull off the biggest heist recorded in history. Guided by a mastermind called “The Professor”, the show is nothing short on twists and turns. Right up till the end of the fourth season, the show has managed to keep its viewers at the edge of their seats.

Throughout the show, there have been several new additions made to the cast. In addition to that, some characters were forced to be written off as per the plot of the show. One such character in Berlin. The end of season 2 saw Berlin sacrificing himself so that the crew could escape safely.

Berlin has been the most dynamic character of the series so far. With a unique personality, he also has a sharp presence of mind to go along with it. But his death in the second season has left the fans disappointed.

Writer Regrets Killing Of Berlin’s Character

Similar to the fans, even the writer of the show has regret of over killing Berlin from the show. While talking about the show’s success, the writer hinted that it made him sad while writing off Berlins’s character.

Berlin took several bullets to the chest to help the crew escape with the money at the end of season 2. After that, Berlin’s character only appears in the flashback scenes in season 3 and 4. Had the writer know that the show would reach this level of success, the makers would’ve reconsidered the killing of Berlin. Script co-ordinator Javier Santander said while speaking toΒ El Mundo.

Simultaneously, Alex Pina, the show’s creator, has also spoken about the pressure involved in the writing of Berlin’s character. But said that there at times when a particular just doesn’t fit in. And unfortunately at that time, it was Berlin.

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