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Monitor on a Cell Phone without Installing Software on Target Phone



Mobile phones have been incorporated in our day-to-day lives at such a level, that we are dependent on them completely. Whether it is to make a call, or to link up with someone, or to remind us about an important date, we use our cell phones round the clock. And that’s the loophole that can be used to get a peek into our lives at any given time.

So, say, if you were to monitor on a loved one to keep a tab on their whereabouts, tracking their mobile phone would be an optimum solution. The loved one could be your spouse, who has been acting suspicious lately, or it might be your child who has been acting up since he met that shady looking new guy at the school.


But, what if they don’t let their mobile phone out of their sight? I mean obviously if they’ve got something to hide they would be extra cautious of that thing, right? So then is that it? Is there no solution to find out what’s going on?

Well actually, there is a solution. With the help of the right phone monitoring software, you can not only hack into their phones but also get a detailed record of ALL activity they engage in using it. And in this post, we’re going to introduce you to one such software.

So friends, let’s get started.

Part 1: How to monitor on a cell phone

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but what does one do when one needs to search for software for a particular purpose? Conduct a search on Google, right? So right now if you conducted a Google search for a phone monitoring solution, we assure you, you’ll get tons of options.

But friends, beware! Every solution you see listed there won’t be genuine. Some of them would be packed with malware designed specifically to steal your personal information. You need to stay away from such fake applications and trust only an established player that’s backed by positive user reviews.

We’ve conducted extensive research across the internet, and after comparisons with several tools, we’ve found Spyier to be the most legitimate and safest phone monitoring software. Let’s find out how to monitor on a cell phone without touching it using Spyier.

1.1: Spyier – the easiest way to hack into a target device

Spyier is the most able spyware in the phone monitoring industry, today. The application is amongst the few phone monitor solutions which do not want a jailbroken or rooted device to work on.

Spyier’s key USP is the fact that the tool has been designed in a way that none of the user’s data is stored on its servers. This reduces any threat of data leak or theft, ensuring complete user data privacy.

The solution has been around in the phone monitoring industry for well over a decade. In the same time, Spyier has been able to establish a dedicated user base in more than 190 countries. It has also been featured by numerous giants like TheVerge, Tech Advisor and PC world, where it has been rated as the best phone monitor solution for the year 2020!

The application is so capable that it can get you into any given device, be it Android or iOS, without any hassle. Neither does the spyware trigger any red flags so that it can be detected. Spyier is a very easy to use spyware and anyone can get the hang of it, even those who do not possess any technological know-how.

1.2: Spyier offers stellar features

Spyier has been designed by a team of brilliant developers who’ve kept easy usability and practical approach in mind. The spyware ensures that the target device does not become vulnerable to malware because of violation of security parameters.

Once the application is up and running, it collects all data from the target device and transmits it to an online dashboard. The dashboard can be accessed using any given browser of your choice. The dashboard has a dedicated panel for each of the following: 

  •     Text messages: Spyier not only alerts you about any incoming texts, but it is also capable of fetching you the previously deleted texts.
  • Contact information: The tool provides you autonomous access to the target device’s contact book so that you know who has been in conversation with your loved one.
  • Media files: The spyware recovers all the media files present on the device, even those which have been exchanged via texts.
  • Call history: You can also access the complete call history with timestamps to know who they talked to and for how long.
  • GPS location: With Spyier you can also track the live GPS location of your target with advanced 3D street view for better info.
  •     Social media accounts: The app lets you check all activity done using social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more.

Part 2: Spyier works well on both the iOS and Android devices

For the tool’s iOS version to set up, you do not require any sort of installation or downloading on the target device. It is completely cloud-based and all you require are the target’s iCloud credentials for the application to start syncing with the data from iCloud backup. The application then starts relaying real-time updates to the online dashboard.

The Android version requires you to download the application on the target device. However, the application icon can be easily removed from the app drawer. Plus the file size is merely 2MB and it runs in the background without consuming much resources or battery so it easily goes by undetected.

You can set up Spyier following the given steps:

Step 1: At first, you will have to create a free Spyier account and pick a suitable subscription plan according to the number of devices you want to monitor.

Step 2: Next, you will be asked to specify the target OS. If you’ve picked iOS, you will be asked to fill in the target’s iCloud credentials. No installation or download needed.

Step 3: At the last step, you will be presented with a finish prompt. Here, once you hit ‘Start’, you will be redirected to your online dashboard where you can check any aspect of the target phone’s data that you want.


To get a better understanding of how the tool works and what all it has to offer, be sure to check out it’s free live demo. No sign-up or credit information is needed.


So there you have it guys, we’ve given you Spyier, the most covert and able spyware solution out there. It can not only get you into a device in a matter of minutes, but it also gives you complete access to the data present on it. It is also pretty safe to use since it does not give itself away while protecting your identity.

Hope you will be able to make use of this software if and when needed.


Meta Description: Wondering what your spouse or child keeps doing on his/her cell phone? Need to check for yourself? We have the solution! This post reveals the best spyware that lets you hack your spouse’s phone from a safe distance.



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