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Mother And Brother Denial Bail Concerning Minor Raped And Forced Toward Prostitution

Family member force teen toward prostitution

Court has rejected the bail of mother and brother of minor in the Case registered at Mankhurd police station, about the family who pushes the minor into prostitution and now sought to bail.

In detail, the Case is about a minor girl who comes to reside in her later mother’s home; there, her brother introduced her to a woman who is a prostitute.Β 

To earn from it, the mother throws her into prostitution. A woman’s husband as a father of the minor girl has raped her. Brother of minor helped his mother to push the teen into prostitution and assisted her mother to earn money from it. HE is also having a physical relationship with her.

Protection under the POSCO Act

Teen pushed into Flesh Trade

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO)Act of 2012, provides for the protection of the child from offences such as sexual assault, pornography, sexual harassment, and save the child by using the judicial process. Under the act, a child is defined as under 18 years.

On Thursday, the bail appeal of the minor mother and brother who pusher her into flesh trade has rejected by the special court designated under POSCO Act. For their defence, all attempted for the bail alleging that they were wrongly charged in the Case.

Apart from this, the minor is provides for the protection under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act as her mother pushes the minor into marriage too.

Special Judge Sanjashree Gharat stated

Following the POSCO Act, judge Sanjashree Gharat had rejected the brother’s bail because he appears in the prosecution case he had the information about his mother who forced his sister into prostitution to earn from it. And he had a physical relationship with his sister to fulfil his sexual desire.Β 

The mother’s bail of the mother is rejected as her involvement in earning money while sending the minor into prostitution.

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