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MotoGP 20 Official Game For PS 4, Xbox And Others Has Been Released Almost Two Months Earlier From Its Release Date!

MotoGP 20
MotoGP 20

MotoGP 20

MotoGP 20 is specially designed for players who are not afraid of making decisions. This year, the game is finally back with brand new features!

If you want to be the fastest, you will need the best bike. That is why MotoGP 20 allows you to develop and upgrade your bike in every single aspect. You can also modify your bike in multiple ways. The player can adjust the bike concerning Aerodynamics, Electronics, Engine Power, and consumption, Chassis.

Neural AI

We all know the potential of neural networks applied to the world of video games. MotoGP 20 will feature a Neural AI 2.0. It is even more efficient in terms of driving.

Neural AI is also capable of managing tire wear and fuel consumption. It will take the challenge to the next level, to challenge the player beyond his limits.

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The Game Releases Earlier This Year!


Now, for the first time in its history, the game is releasing almost two months earlier from its traditional release date. It enables the players to enjoy the new season sooner than ever.

With MotoGP 20, players can participate in the 2020 season, racing against MotoGP champions. However, one can even start as a young rider in Moto3 and run your way up to reach the premier class.

New Features That The Game Brings Up


Building on last year’s critically renowned edition, MotoGP 20 boasts a range of new features. The new features result in an even better strategic and realistic game. The new Career Mode will put the players into pro riders’ boots.

It provides an engaging and progressive gaming experience both on and off the track. Just like in the real MotoGP, being fast on the circuit is not enough. The players will need to make the best decisions to find a winning strategy to master the Championship.

Compatible Devices

Milestone is charmed to announce the release of MotoGP 20. The players can play the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC/STEAM, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch today. The release of the game two months earlier is driving the players ecstatic.


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