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MOZILLA -Rolls Out Encrypted Browsing For U.S. Firefox Users By Default

U.S. Firefox Users

” A Major step by Mozilla to fully encrypt internet traffic and to eliminate the risk of attack.”

Mozilla has announced that its Firefox Browser has started to roll out the Encrypted DNS over HTTPS by default for all its users in the U.S.


so after such an overwhelming step, you can expect many more initiatives, towards the safety and protection by Mozilla in 2020. it can be considered as one of the longest battles with respect to Domain name systems.

Talking about the level of technicality, the thing is that DNS over HTTPS encrypts the initial screen of the website you wanna look for, which is known as the domain name system.DNS is a system that links to a computer-friendly series of numbers, namely called an I.P. address.

Since these requests include your I.P. address, this provides an opportunity to the hacker, to create online profiles of yours and also to the sites you tend to visit, or it is too possible that the server could itself be collecting data for advertising or the purpose of Marketing, even without your knowledge.

And by taking this initiative of turning on default DNS, it is gonna assure its users that it is going to use only trusted servers like Cloudflare and NextDN, which are responsible for committed to throwing out the data after 24 hours, and will never pass the data to the third party.

So the fact comes here to the final part, that if you are using Firefox in the U.S… your internet traffic will redirect you towards the two, the Cloudflare or the NextDN by ignoring your ISP’S server.

Though it may sound that this Encryption is something that is required to be known by everyone, but there is a reason that why this Encryption is limited only to the U.S., so here is the answer for such a question that is- ” it is because of the Efforts made by the U.S. government to take any action against the child porn and the other sites. This default system is gonna make it more difficult for ISP to implement such a filter.


so here the issue is that by taking advantage of such Encryption, it is going to give a company a competitive advantage by making it difficult to access data. Additionally, DOH will break features containing ‘parental controls’ and the other ‘undermine federal government and private sector efforts to use DNSΒ  information to mitigate cybersecurity risks.’

For such an issue, MOZILLAΒ  decides to work on this matter with companies, schools, and other organizations to mitigate concerns.

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