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MTA Orders: Maskless Commuters To Pay Fine Under Cuomo Order!

MTA Orders: Maskless Commuters To Pay Fine Under Cuomo Order!: With corona cases reaching their peak, wearing masks has become a must. People should wear masks for their faces, as they wear a helmet while driving. Wearing masks in public places and crowded places has become essential to save us from the corona. MTA has made it mandatory to wear masks while travelling and people not doing so should pay fine

Β Caption: Cheeky signage in the subways, seen here at the Utica Ave. The station illustrates how to cover your mouth and nose adequately.

Cheeky signage in the subways, here at the Utica Ave. station, illustrates how to properly cover your mouth and nose.
Wear a mask sign

Issues Β Order

Stating on Monday MTA said, commuters will get charged $50 if they fail to wear masks while travelling in roads and public transport. This fine is more than the cost of 18 single rides

Cuomo issued an executive order in the mid of April which insisted on wearing masks for the welfare of the public during this pandemic situation. MTA’s survey shows that about 93% of riders wear masks, while 15% are covering their faces properly. According to The City this week, almost a quarter of 300 riders in 15 bus stops doesn’t wear masks properly or not. The percentage of commuters wearing masks was about 90% in just two bus stops

Charging Fines Are The Only Way

A commuter who was wearing a mask said:

“Hit them with a $200 fine, who doesn’t cover their faces.”

He further added people would learn by paying fines. With complaints getting high, we have introduced this to make people feel safe, said, Cuomo.

How will this be enforced?

The enforcement will be done either by NYPD or MTA police officers, said MTA. More than 130 MTA workers and 100 transit workers have died due to COVID 19, which urged them to charge fines. Tony Utano, President of the transport workers union, said it is harder to see people die than paying fines. The MTA also provides masks on stations for the commuters.

Some people also take it lightly and doesn’t follow it. Everyone should be equally responsible at this time to fight this pandemic and lead our lives peacefully.

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