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MTA Riders To Be Fined $50 For Not Wearing Masks From 14th September!

MTA Riders to wear mask
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MTA Riders To Be Fined $50 For Not Wearing Masks From 14th September
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MTA Riders Will Get Fined $50 For Not Wearing Masks From September 14!: From September 14, MTA Riders must wear masks. One riding MTA buses, subways and commuter trains will have to pay fines if caught disobeying the rule.

Saving Human Life Is The Utmost Priority Right Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. People are struggling for basic life amenities such as clean food, shelter, livelihood, etc. However, not all people are comprehending the seriousness of the situation.

Many are still roaming the streets without a mask while others aren’t following social distancing. Some are throwing tantrums about the discomfort caused by wearing masks. But it is essential to realise that to save human lives is the utmost priority right now. We all have to put aside our comforts and follow the rules strictly.

Riding In MTA Without Masks Can Now Cost You 50 Bucks

MTA riders without masks will be fined $50 for violating the rule. Government Andrew Cuomo said:

“The fines will start September 14 as a way to enforce the state’s mandatory mask-wearing rule and boost confidence in the transit system.”

He further added that 90% of the people are already adhering by the regulations made to stop the virus from spreading more. So for the handful of non-compliant people, this will reinforce that, said Andrew.

Government: Fine To Keep A Check On People’s Safety

The governor decided to impose $50 fine for not wearing masks in a conference call with MTA officials. The rule enforcement is under the hands of MTA’s transit police and NYPD officers. Sarah Feinberg, interim president of New York City Transit, also has something to say. She Commented that people not complying with the rules will be fined. So, it is best to follow the rules and wear a mask.

The government said that the fine is to keep a check on people’s safety.

“This is about building public confidence in this new reality,” said Cuomo.

It is better to cope up with the government and tackle this pandemic wisely. So, MTA riders do not forget to wear masks.

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