My Queer Faves with Drag Race UK icon Tayce

Since rising to fame on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, where she placed runner-up, Tayce has slain the mothertucking industry with numerous high-fashion editorials and campaigns. Her latest sees her collaborate with fashion brand Nasty Gal for her first ever capsule collection, inspired by the “rebellious attitude” of Glam Rock and the star’s “unyielding confidence, boundless magnetism and ability to transform every pavement into a runway”.

The collection is stun, of course, and the photos? In the words of Tayce, “The cheek, the nerve, the audacity, and the gumption!” While we had her on the phone, we asked the legendary queen about her favourite queer things as part of our new series, which kicked off in Pride Month with British singer-songwriter L Devine. From Lady Gaga’s most divisive (and misunderstood) album to one London’s most popular LGBTQ+ venues, here Tayce has listed eight of her queer faves.

Your fave queer anthem is…
Let’s go with I Am What I Am [Gloria Gaynor] or MacArthur’s Park. [Starts singing I Am What I Am] It’s a bop!

Your fave queer artist is…
Grace Jones. I know she’s not specifically LGBTQ+ but she’s a massive inspiration in the community and a massive inspiration to me. It’s Grace Jones. Honey! What more is there to say? She’s everything I want to be and more.

Your fave queer album is… 
Let’s go with… ARTPOP. Yeah. [After being told about Lady Gaga’s infamous tweet about not remembering the album, Tayce went on to say…] No! She must be joking! Oh my god. Maybe she was high on something. Yeah, we’ll go with ARTPOP. It’s Lady Gaga, hello?

Your fave queer film is…
I was asked this question today! I don’t have a favourite film that is LGBTQ+. I honestly need to sit down and watch some gay movies. I’m not really a movie person, I’m a series person. I don’t have the attention span to sit and watch a three-hour long movie that’s got camp old Eiffel Tower’s in the background and people being melancholy, crying on each other. I like fun! I like having a good time! I’ve only seen bits and bobs of a few but they’re just very emotional. I’m a very upbeat person, I can’t have that ruining my day!

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