My Queer Faves with Dyllón Burnside

Favourite queer artist.

Whitney Houston is the first person I ever saw that made me think, ‘I wanna do that. I want to perform. I want to sing. I want to act. I want to be an international pop star and a movie star.’ We know sort of understand her to having been queer, which makes her even more special to me.

Favourite queer anthem. 

Mighty Real by Sylvester is just quintessentially gay. It’s a must. When I think about queer icons, particularly at that time, there was no one doing what Sylvester was doing. The song is so infectious and it transcends genre, and it’s almost like Aretha Franklin is singing! It gives me that gospel, but it’s also dance and queer. It’s everything.

Favourite queer TV show.

Noah’s Arc is the first time I saw depictions of Black, gay and queer men thriving and going for their dreams; being in loving relationships and friendships with one another. I thought, ‘I want that,’ you know? It did for me what Sex and the City did for so many women. 

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