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Myleene Klass: Photos Shared By Myleene Klass While Feeding He Baby To Normalise Breastfeeding

Born on 6 April 1976 Myleen Klass is a British singer, Tv presenter, and model. She is one of the British best-loved classical artists. Myleen is the daughter of an Australian father and Philipines mother raised in Gorleston, Norfolk.

Myleene Klass

Pursuing a career in music and had done a musical theater at the Royal Academy of Music in London and by age 20, had landed a role singing in the moving West End production ofΒ Miss Saigon.

Sharing photos of breastfeeding in Instagram

Myleene Klass

On Monday evening, the mother of three children Myleen Klass, 42 years old shared her photographs on Instagram reveals the reality of breastfeeding.

She called for people to support respect and not critique, the mother while publically breastfeeding her children. On Instagram, she shared photos of her while feeding her 11-month baby Apollo. She said the photos were going to help to normalize the breastfeeding process.

Β The mother-of-three also discussed β€˜hiding the nipple’ while feeding her baby into the public, asserting: β€˜His hungry cries are louder than any troll!’. She also admitted that Apollo sometimes bites while she is feeding him.

Klass thanked her followers for their support

Myleen while sharing her experience on Instagram stories she thanked her followers for there support. When her son fallen asleep she engaged in the Q&A with her followers.

One follower questioned: β€˜How long will you breastfeed?’ she told: β€˜I thought I’d stop at 3 months, then 6, now we’re nearly at 12!

Another question from the Instagram user is β€˜Have you experienced biting?’ Myleen replied β€˜Yup. I just take him off my boob as soon as he does it, so he knows I mean business.’ 

Klass terminated her post by calling on people to respect breastfeeding mothers and listed a series of struggles many women face, including cracked nipples, mastitis, and blocked ducts.

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