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Nancy Pelosi Wants To Help Frontline Workers, Demands A Comprehensive Bill!

Nancy Pelosi
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Nancy Pelosi Wants To Help Frontline Workers, Demands A Comprehensive Bill!: As we already know that the release of the second stimulus check is still not confirmed. While Democrats want to release a comprehensive bill, the Trump advisors stick with standalone statements. ThenΒ  Nancy PelosiΒ  on Thursday saysΒ  they could help the airline workers only if the government approves a total bill

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, speaks during a television interview at the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington.
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Nancy Pelosi Confirms The Aid

In an interview with Bloomberg Tv, she showed confidence that Munchin will agree on the amount of aid in the new legislation to reduce COVID 19 cases in the United States. Pelosi Firmly said in a news conference β€œThere is no standalone bill without a bigger bill.”She also later tweeted that the president is interested in the agreement

Controversial Statement

White House spokeswoman Alyssa Farah told reporters that trump wants a “Skinny bill” despite Pelosi’s insistence of a comprehensive bill to help the nation during this pandemic time. She wants to release hundreds and billions of dollars to help people to manage the revenues. Also wants to help the frontline workers to sustain their lives.

Mitch McConnell Statement

He understood the requirement of another relief package at this time. But The November elections have made it more problematic as it costs vast differences. Trump earlier on a telephonic interview says β€œNow they are starting to work out.” Two days ago, he cut off negotiations via a post on Twitter.

Larry Kudlow Doesn’t Find It Necessary To Release Another Stimulus Check.

Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow insists another stimulus bill doesn’t need to deal with a pandemic. He adds that the administration wants to see β€œstandalone” statements to provide additional benefits. While democrats at least want $ 2.2 trillion as relief aid, Trump advisors stick with a relief amount of about $ 1.6 trillion.

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