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NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins To Vote From Space For US Election 2020!

Kate Rubins
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NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins To Vote From Space

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins currently working in space and won’t be back on earth for the election. However, that has not discouraged her from casting her vote as she feels it is an essential thing for everyone to vote. So as bizarre as it may sound, she will release her vote from space. Interestingly, she did the same in 2016, which was eventually won by Donald Trump. She said:

β€œthink it’s really important for everybody to vote. If we can do it from space, then I believe folks can do it from the ground, too.”

Kate Rubins
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Legislation To Vote In Space Passed Years Ago, Says NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins

Most of the Astronauts are from Texas where there is a law allowing astronauts to vote from space. In 1997, Texas passed the law that gave the right to astronauts to vote from space. The astronauts can vote through a safe electronic ballot. The vote received from astronauts in the area goes to the Mission Control which is then transferred to the space station and then it goes straight to the county clerk. Kate said:

β€œThere’s been legislation passed a number of years ago to allow astronauts to vote in space.”

NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins Feels It Is Important To Participate In Democracy

Kate Rubins understands the importance of elections and how it can twist and turn the power. She is not someone who goes with the ideology that one vote doesn’t make a change. Kate feels one vote can change the course of the election. This way, she is proactive about casting her vote as she wants to be a part of US democracy. She said:

β€œI think a lot of astronauts do this, they feel that it is very important. It’s critical to participate in our democracy. We consider it an honour to be able to vote from space.”

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US Elections To Take Place On November 3

The US election date is getting closer, and the intensity is increasing. While Biden and Trump are heading for their first debate, celebrities are taking a stand or asking people to turn up in large numbers to vote.


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