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NASA: Billion Years Sand Dunes Reveals Climate Pattern On Mars!

Source: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mars Found Out Sand Dunes Billion Years Old Indicating Climate Pattern

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NASA scientists found a windswept area of concrete sand on Mars. It has gradually converted to rock about a billion years ago. The frozen palaeo-dunes have almost maintained their original form. According to the researchers, they are studying how the dunes withstood the time. The test could not only show the geological past of the red planet. But also provide details about the planet’s sedimentary phase.

Planetary scientist Matthew Chojnacki of the Planetary Science Institute, speaking about the historical structures called Melas Chasma dunes, said

“This level of preservation is rare for terrestrial sand dunes due to ongoing erosion and tectonics. Based on the dune deposit’s relationships to other geologic units and modern erosion rates we estimate these to be roughly a billion years old.”

Researchers Explain It All!

Source: NASA’S Mars Exploration Program

Researchers explained in the study published by JGR Planets. The length, height, shape and slope of the Melas Chasma palaeo-dunes resembled recently-made dunes. That, in turn, suggested that in a very long time, the climate and atmosphere on Mars, including wind directions, have changed only slightly.

Scientists have found that some dunes were covered under the debris of ten meters. It seemed to come from a volcanic disaster. They now assume that the explosive compound that resulted from the eruption must have helped harden the dunesβ€”freezing the dunes in time.

MARSIS (Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding) discovered one underground reservoir on the planet earlier. The pool was buried approximately 1.5 km below the ice. It happened in 2018. Meanwhile, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express spacecraft has also found subglacial lakes in the Red Planet’s southern polar region. In total, under the ice layer, three ponds of water have been found.

The discovery of Mars’ almost perfectly preserved billion-year-old dunes has confirmed great news to scientists. It is about the Red Planet’s geological history. Its climate, atmospheric pressure and evolution of the landscape have remained relatively stable all this time.

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