NASA Expert Claims To Identify The Mysterious Object Known By 2020 SO

NASA Expert Claims To Identify The Mysterious Object Known By 2020 SO
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NASA Expert Claims To Identify The Mysterious Object Known By 2020 SO: Reports say that the newly discovered object 2020 SO by NASA is nothing but an old rocket from a failed moon landing mission. NASA experts believe it to be as aged as 54 years. They have further revealed that its identity will be clear soon.

Paul Chodas, A NASA Expert, Has Speculated The Mysterious Object To Be The Centaur Upper Rocket Stage

“I’m pretty jazzed about this,” Paul Chodas said in an interview. He continued saying, “It’s been a hobby of mine to find one of these and draw such a link, and I’ve been doing it for decades now.”

Paul has speculated the mysterious asteroid 2020 SO to be the Centaur upper rocket stage. NASA launched it in 1966. However, it lost its path in the journey. The lander crashed into the moon while the rocket passed over the moon’s orbit. It was never seen again.

The Object Was Discovered In Hawai A Month Ago

A Hawaiian telescope discovered this object around a month ago. It was approaching the earth and was added in the list of International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center’s tally of asteroids and comets.

The researchers predicted its size 26 feet by observing its brightness. One point to be noted is that the old Centaur size was also less than 32 feet. It includes its diameter and engine nozzle.

2020 SO Orbit Is Almost Circular Around The Sun, An Unusual Thing For An Asteroid

Paul Chodas was interested in pointing its almost circular orbit around the sun. It was quite similar to that of our earth. It is an unusual thing for an asteroid.

Scientists and researchers are waiting to collect more data and facts from concluding. Meanwhile, some unique astronaut hunters are told to keep a watch on 2020 SO. People are thrilled to gather more information about it.

Chodas has further predicted that the object will revolve around the earth for four months after getting captured in mid-November. However, he is dubious about the probability of the item to hit the ground.

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