NASA Found Traces of Human Life on Venus! Not Venus but also on other planets. Check out out now.
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NASA Found Traces Of Human Life On Venus!

NASA Found Traces Of Human Life On Venus!: Looks like the Earth is not the only planet with life. Astronauts have found considerable proofs that claim the existence of human or microbes on Venus.

Possibility of Life On Venus.

According to the reports, fingerprints of phosphine in the air got found, and phosphine is something use only by someone who lives, i.e. microbes and humans.

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On 14th September NASA claimed that there are potential signs that Venus can be the new Earth. Mysterious and intriguing assumptions are claiming life on other planets like mars as well. For as of now, Venus is concerned after the phosphine, the odorous gas was in the air.


The most exciting thing about this is the fact that the vast majority of the methane in Earth’s atmosphere is generated by living organisms.Β And the same model that is is found on Venus as well.


There’s no confirmation about the existence of life on Venus or the alien life there. But predictions are made based on traces found in the Venus atmosphere. Since the trails such as methane can also be found abioticallyΒ as well due to the chemical reactions involving hot water and rocks. So no confirmations can be given.


Titan, Saturns satellite was lot spotted with potential signs of life. Titan is the second-largest satellite in the solar system. According to the reports by NASA, two possible potentially life-supporting environments have gotten traced β€” a buried ocean of liquid water, and frigid surface seas of liquid methane and ethane.Β There’s no confirmation of life on any other planet of their satellites yet bug the scientist will go to the roots and get to know what the case is.

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