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NASA Tracks Large Dangerous an Asteroid Entering Earth Orbit.

NASA has been tracking an asteroidΒ that is twice as big as if the size of the great pyramid Giza coming towards Earth. It will cross earth orbit within two days until 6th September 2020. It is classified as a Near-Earth Object (NEO) with aΒ potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA).

The NEOs occasionally move closerΒ to the EarthΒ as the revolve around the suns orbit. However, when any hazardous object is closer to Earth NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Study (CNEOS) determines their actual distance.

NASA that defined NEOs as comets and asteroids which come inside the solar system and is likely to cross the earth orbit. These objects are made of water, ice with embedded dust particles.

This is not the first time a comet or an asteroid is close to Earth. Remember, in human terms; even β€˜closer’ means hinder millions of kilometre away. However, nothing really Hazardous has caused us trouble in the past few decades. This object is said to cross the earth orbit with a closer distance than usual.

When do these Asteroids become dangerous?

According to The Planetary Society, there are estimated almost around 1 billion asteroidsΒ with a diameter more than 1 meter. However, the objects that can cause significant damage after entering the earth orbit are generallyΒ larger than 30 meters.Β Every year more than 30-40 small asteroids hit the earth surface without causing any significant damage.

According to NASA,Β hag asteroids and comets around the earth orbit is normal but if the diameter and the speed at which the asteroid is travelling is more then usual it can be a trouble for the world. According to NASA’s NEO, around 90% of the asteroids entering the earth surface have a diameter up to 140 meters or larger. And those have not caused any significant trouble to Earth by now.

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