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Naya Rivera Death Certificate Confirmed Her Death Due To ‘Drowning’

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera death was an accidental drowning.Β 

Naya Rivera, a 33 years old actress, was laid to rest. Around two weeks after her body had been rescued from Lake Piru on Monday, July 13.

The accident was taken place on July 8. The certificate was obtained by The Blast reveals that on July 24 she was buried in at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park resided in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles. She was also confirmed that the death was caused due to ‘drowning’ within a minute, with no underlying causes or ailments.

Naya Rivera disappears on July 8

Naya Rivera’s body disappeared on Wednesday, July 8 after she went missing after taking a boat ride in the lake with her 4-year-old son, Josey. A day after Tuesday the actress body was found at Lake Piru, California.

Rivera had gone for boating and swimming along with her young son, to Lake Piru, where she disappeared. The autopsy stated that the body was that of Naya, and identity was confirmed by dental comparison.

Naya Rivera death incident

According to the sheriff’s department, Naya rented a boat around 1 pm on July 8, and three hours later the boater found four years child Josey on the boat and informed the authority. Boater tells that his mother did not come back as she is gone with his son. As she sacrifices her life to help her son get back.

Rivera has posted her photo of herself with kissing her son with the caption “Just two of us” on Instagram. Nayas autopsy was confirmed that there was no sign of drugs or alcohol when she died.

Ahead this week, Naya’s ex-husband Ryan Dorsey shares a heartbreaking message in tribute to the mother of his child on Instagram. According to authorities, Naya’s last moments were spent saving her son.


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