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Naya Rivera Saves Her Son Minutes Before Dying!

Naya the major star of the FOX musical comedy "Glee"

Naya Rivera Saves Her Son Minutes Before Dying!: Naya Rivera death may have come as a shock. But the actress last-minute struggle to save her son was just something only a mother could do.

Naya Rivera and her four-year-old son, Josey

She used all her last strength to help her son climb the boat and raised her hands for help before disappearing in water. Mother’s love is unconditional, and it has been proved, with Naya saving her son minutes before dying.

The Autopsy Report

Naya Rivera’s death had come as a shock, but the after facts are more shocking. The autopsy and investigation reports have finally been made public for the “Glee” celebrity fans.

Naya, youthful son was the last person to see her before drowning. The investigators found Josey asleep on the boat. Google

According to reports, her son Josey had told the investigators that, his mother helped him get back aboard, then he looked around and saw her disappearing into the waters. Besides, he added, he and his mum had relied on” 1, 2, 3β€³ before they jumped off the boat with each other to swim lake. But just a few minutes his mother told to go back to the ship.

The records declare:

“She assisted him on the ship and he then discovered [Naya] shout’ aid’ and she placed her arm in the atmosphere. She then vanished into the sport.”

The Reason

The autopsy report has come out, pointing out to every reason that could have lead to the death of the actress.

Naya had previous problems with vertigo, had a recent sinus infection, and had a small number of prescribed amphetamines in her system.

Naya Rivera

Toxicology tests also showed small, therapeutic amounts of the anti-anxiety drug diazepam and the appetite suppressant phentermine in her system.

Though the reason for her death is not apparent, it is accidental drowning. The last Instagram post of Naya got dedicated to her son.

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