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NBA Plans To Come Up With Second Coronavirus Free Bubble To Make The Bottom Team Familiar With The New Normal !

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NBA In Discussions To Make A Second Coronavirus Free Bubble

The 2019-2020 season has been a dismal year for NBA and almost all other leagues in the world. Every league had to suspend its games after the coronavirus became a pandemic and spread throughout the world. While the players were away getting rest during the lockdown, NBA officials were trying to come up with a plan to resume the season when the conditions improve. Ironically, the conditions got worse but NBA made a new plan where the top teams would play against each other in Coronavirus free bubble Disney World, Florida and the bottom 8 would get eliminated from the league for this season. After the restart of the season, NBA is planning to come up with a second coronavirus free bubble.

Source: Essentially Sports

What Is The Purpose Of A Second Bubble For NBA

In the new format, the bottom eight teams got eliminated for the season. With the pandemic not coming down anytime soon, it looks like the virus is here to stay for a while. Hence, playing NBA games at coronavirus free bubble location might become the new normal for the next season. With this in mind, the NBA has thought that the second bubble will be utilized for conducting exhibition matches between the bottom eight teams. It will help them to gain experience in the new atmosphere and will help the NBA in getting back some lost revenue.

Which Teams Are Likely To Play The Exhibition Matches Of NBA

It is ironic that the strongest teams of the past decade- the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors were among the eight teams that got eliminated under the new format. Both the teams had their worst season. Moreover, for Cavaliers, Stephen Curry was injured for a long time and Lebron James went to LA Lakers. Warriors lost their key player Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets.

Stephen Curry from Golden State Warriors
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Warriors Coach Not Looking Forward To Exhibition Matches Of NBA

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr insisted on the practice session rather than the matches. He said, β€œIf we’re talking about a mini-camp and some of the other teams are interested in playing games, we’d not be interested in that. I’ve talked to a couple of the coaches about that. However, team has a unique set of circumstances. And I know some of the teams are younger, interested in getting game action for their young players. But we’re in a different space. We’d be more interested in practice time.”

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