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NBA Star DeMar DeRozan Saves His Kids And Kylie Jenner

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DeMar DeRozan. NBA Star saved his kids along with his neighbor Kylie Jenner. DeRozan sprung into action when an intruder broke into their gated community. According to a new report, this incident is from last month.

The Whole Story

The news is from Nov 19. DeRozan was at his Los Angeles house when he heard strange noises upstairs. When he got upstairs, he discovered a stranger.Β  The intruder was near his children’s room, where one of his two kids was playing.

The 31-Year-old NBA star came face to face with the intruder before chasing him out of his house. But this wasn’t the end of the story.TMZ Sports reports that the basketball star sprung into action after he heard the commotion and rushed to the area to see what was happening.

The burglar reportedly didn’t steal anything from DeRozan’s home.



After being chased out from DeMar’s house, he returned with another target. This time his target was non-other than Kylie Jenner.Β  A few days after, he returned to Kylie Jenner’s Mansion. Her Mansion is in the same neighborhood as that of DeMar DeRozan.

This isn’t the first time the famous family is targeted in these sort of home break-ins. The Kylie Cosmetics’ owner’s older sisterΒ Kendall Jenner’s home was broken into a few years ago and a man tried to enter their mom Kris Jenner’s gated community several times.

But this time, he wasn’t getting out easily.Β  Neighborhood security stopped him. After apprehending him, they called the police. The security arrested the unidentified man. He ended up getting charged with burglary.

According to TMZ, Jenner is now taking legal action against the man whose name is Justin Bergquist for allegedly attempting to break into her home.

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