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NeNe Leakers Has Got A Bad Reputation With RHOA

NeNe Leakers on Tamron Hall
Source: ET! online

NeNe Leakers Has Got A Bad Reputation With RHOA: When you are a reality star, you can expect to be rumoured and called out fir terrible reputation.

NeNe Leakers Emotional Interview On Tamron Hall
Source: Toofab.com

NeNe Leakers is no stranger to this, with her being forced to leave RHOA and claimed to be bully and mean.

NeNe Leakers Emotional Interview On Tamron Hall

After the news of NeNe not coming back to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” wasΒ announced. The reality TV star took it to herself to defend her reputation.

NeNe decided to defend herself, claiming on Twitter that she wasn’t fired but, ‘forced out’ from the hit Bravo show. She opened up recently in an emotional interview on ‘Tamron Hall’.

To check the emotional interview of NeNe. Click here!

NeNe Reputation Of A Bully and Mean Person

Tamron even went on to asking NeNe about her contrasting image, the image she is rumoured to have and reality. With claims around her that she was mean and a bully.

Also, post the show someone had to send a text to Tamron, claiming, ‘Be careful. She’s mean.’ To which Tamron had no idea what the person was talking about.

NeNe Leakers Has Got A Bad Reputation With RHOA
Source: Variety

She was further adding that people are thinking that NeNe is seeking revenge and that she wanted to get back at the show. NeNe cleared out the rumours and said that she didn’t want to get back at the front.

Also, she said:

“I don’t want to get them back. I would never sit here on national television and tell you that something has happened to me and it did not happen to me.”

NeNe Leakers comment in the interview on Tamron Hall
Source: Toofab.com

To end any more assumption that NeNe wants back on “RHOA.” Tamron confronted the reality TV star asking if she had any inclination to hold a peach again.

Guess the rumours are just a bunch of lie as NeNe has no interest in getting back on anyone.

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