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Netflix: 2020’s Blockbuster Hits, TV Series And Movies.

Netflix: 2020's Blockbuster hits
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Netflix: 2020’s Blockbuster hits, Lemme highlight some for you…

Netflix: 2020’s Blockbuster hits…

Locke & Key:

Locke & Key, Netflix: 2020's Blockbuster hits
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This is an American Television series, popular in Supernatural, Horror, Fantasy, and Drama. It is a series having 10 episodes, each episode comes with a new mystery. A family of two parents and three children, after the murder of the father, the rest of the family members shifts to their old house.

Actually, this is a mysterious house with different keys hidden at different places that whispers at late night and plays significant roles. The keys give one a supernatural power like to go in someone’s brain, flying in the sky, talk to dead ones, and so on. And there are people who are behind those keys who want to use those keys for bad things and drama continues in protecting the keys.

The first season streamed in 2020, now the second season is about to come by 2021 start.

Emily in Pairs:

emily in paris
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It is an American Rom-com drama series, having 10 episodes. The story revolves around a girl named Emily, who luckily transfers to Paris- a fashion city for a time period, for business work far away from her boyfriend. She is obsessed with herself and loves to make new friends.

In the story, she struggles so hard to make friends at the workplace as she does do not know french, she tries her best to outshine. After so many disappointments, she still chooses not to give up and treats people as nicely as she can. Netflix announced its season 2.

Enola Holmes:

Enola holmes
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It is a mystery movie based on an already famous book by Nancy Springer. This movie is about a girl named Enola who is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, a famous detective. The movie revolves around Enola finding herself, her own path, or route to live her life. This all happens, when her mother suddenly disappeared.

Enola went to London all by herself, a girl who never went to the outside world. And by her using mystery game she eventually at the end met her mother. And she discovered herself as an independent girl who knows how to fight for her freedom. She finds her own path as a detective and the finder of lost souls.

The Old Guard:

Netflix: 2020's Blockbuster hits
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It is an American movie, popular in Action and Superhero genres based on a comic named just as same as the movie. This story revolves around a group of superheroes who see each other first in their dreams one by one after an interval of years and then find each other accordingly.

In the movie, these people never die, whenever they die, they regain their lives within seconds. They live for hundreds of years but except their increasing age, nothing changes with them. And they survive to save people and to stop bad things or the things which make the world less like a world but more like hell.

But a greedy scientist tries to cage them and to get to know the formula which keeps them alive by doing several experiments for his greedy needs of money. But they somehow escape at the end. This movie is a hit.

The Haunting of Bly Manor:

Netflix: 2020's Blockbuster hits-The haunting of Bly manor
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It is an American Television series, popular in Romance, Drama, and Mystery. The story revolves around an old palace in Bly which is cursed where nobody likes to stay at nighttime. It starts as a governess, hires by a famous company’s head to look after his Niece and Nephew, who lives at Bly.

With every passing day, the governess feels that the palace is haunted. As soon as the mystery comes out, the governess fights for her, and the children survived. Eventually, she succeeds by giving up her life by staying in water for the rest of her life. This series resulted in a blockbuster hit of the year.

Enjoy your weekend with Netflix Originals: 2020’s Blockbuster hits, For more updates, stay tuned!

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