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Netflix Documentary In Wonder To Be The Portrait Of Shawn Mendes’s Life And His Journey

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Shawn Mendes Documentary To Be Portrait Of His Life And Journey!

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Senorita singer Shawn Mendes has a brand new and exciting album! Singer-songwriter and long-time manager Andrew Gertler from The Lost in Japan is teaming up with Netflix for a special documentary called In Wonder. It will be released on the streaming service worldwide on November 23.
According to Netflix, the debut feature-length documentary, a TIFF special event selection, was directed by acclaimed director Grant Singer It promises to be “a portrait of the life of Mendes, chronicling the last few years of his rise and journey,” according to Netflix. This announcement came at the same time as the release of Wonder. The title track of his upcoming album.

Shawn also recently revealed at the festival, in collaboration with his Shawn Mendes Foundation (SMF).Β  An official new annual TIFF award is given to an emerging or young filmmaker for excellence in making a film.Β  The Film reflects on world issues important to today’s youth.

Hint On Collaboration With Justin Bieber

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If you missed it, the Stitches singer recently even hinted at a new collaboration with Justin Bieber in the works this week. Shawn was asked if he had turned down a partnership with the 26-year-old Holy singer. While being interviewed on the Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp radio show,

β€œIs this you trying to get me to confirm that I have a collaboration with Justin Bieber?” Shawn said. β€œIf I turned one down, that would be insane, considering he’s been one of my favorite artists since I was like nine years old.”

β€œI cannot confirm or deny,” Shawn added with a smile. β€œIn the last six months, we’ve definitely become a lot closer… It’s really cool to have him as a mentor in a lot of ways, just to kind of talk through stuff with, because there are not many people who do this type of stuff.”

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