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Netflix Fascinated Witcher’s Fans With A Holiday-Themed Promo!

Netflix fascinated Witcher's fans
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Netflix fascinated Witcher’s fans with a holiday-themed promo, which eventually highlighted the story and theme of the upcoming season of ‘The Witcher’. To know in detail, read below.

Netflix fascinated Witcher’s fans.

The famous television show ‘The Witcher‘ is an official Netflix show. It has been prevalent nowadays, especially among teenagers. The story of the show revolves around fate and family.

The show reflects the presence of both good and evil. In this, people fight for their survival. The hardships, morals, rituals, and humanity has been shown in this show. That how it all leads to the battle between good and evils.

Netflix fascinated Witcher’s fans-Season 2:

This is an action, thriller, and mystery show, which has been trending all over the world, due to its simplicity and realistic story. So, you all know that the production of season 2 is under construction, which is claimed to be based on the Christmas theme.

To make fans more excited and cheerful about the story, the makers release a promo for its upcoming season.

Holiday Slay Ride:

Actually, Netflix shared a new promo featuring a holiday theme spot for The Witcher to fascinate and enhance the enjoyment of the fans. This promo got viral worldwide within a few hours.

Netflix fascinated Witcher's fans
Source: www.youtube.com

It titled ‘Holiday Slay Ride’ with a note attached to it. Stating that,

“Come one, come all, and join all of your favourites from The Witcher this season on a bloody and brilliant β€œslay” ride through the Continent.”

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The theme of the promo:

In the promo,Β  there were some scenes from its previous season, i.e., Season 1. But the main highlighted part of the footage was a holiday flair that added into the clip with some edited parts.

And with its release, it is confirmed that the upcoming season’s story is going to revolve around Christmas and obviously the holiday season. As you can see, notice the Christmas music, colourful lights, presents, Santa hats, and so on, in the background of the footage.

And the most noticeable part is that even Henry Cavill’s Geralt too enjoyed it.


  • Anya ChalotraΒ as Yennefer
  • Freya AllanΒ as Ciri
  • Joey BateyΒ as Jaskier
  • Game of ThronesΒ alumΒ Kristofer HivjuΒ as Nivellen
  • Yasen AtourΒ (Young Wallender) as Coen
  • Agnes BjornΒ as Vereena
  • Paul BullionΒ (Peaky Blinders)Β as Lambert
  • Thue Ersted RasmussenΒ (Fast and Furious 9) as Eskel
  • Aisha Fabienne RossΒ (The Danish Girl) as Lydia
  • Recent graduate Mecia Simson as Francesca
Source: collider.com

Updates of season 2:

With the hit season 1, Season 2 of ‘The Witcher’ is expected to be released in the following year, 2021. The makers of the show stated in one of the interviews that,

‘Recently, so much is going on, we are so excited for you to watch the coming season.’

So, as you can see that even the makers said so. This season gonna be epic. For more updates, stay tuned!

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