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New Covid Confusion Soars Up As Andrew Cuomo Changes The Rules

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New Rules New Covid Confusion In New York

As New York authorities hurriedly initiated a targeted lockdown on Thursday.

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ItΒ  is done to stamp out rising rates of positive results from the coronavirus test. There is chaos, uncertainty and tension erupted over restrictions that close schools and companies.

Hot-spot maps were conflicting, provided by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.Β  Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, which were overlapping and contradicting each other. On one map, schools and firms that were to be shut down were not on the other. The area, where the rules took effect in parts of Brooklyn and Queens on Thursday. It made available a searchable online address database so that New Yorkers could decide which zone they were in.

Targeted Lockdown

In effect for two weeks, the targeted lockdown separates virus hot spots into three red , orange or yellow color-coded zones. TheΒ  non-essential businesses in the hardest-hit areas forced to shut down. In the red zone, which has the most stringent regulations. Restaurants and bars can only offer takeout and delivery, just like in the spring. Worship houses are limited to only 10 members. A number that coincides with a Jewish prayer service’s minimum requirements.
Mr. de Blasio said on Thursday, after two weeks, that the city would work with the state to reassess if a longer timetable was required.

On Thursday, the city shut down 61 public school sites, he said. A total of 153 places in the red and orange zones closed.
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced earlier in the week that schools in nine ZIP codes in Brooklyn and Queens had to be closed on Tuesday for in-person training. But some of those schools fall into yellow zones when the state issued new guidelines, under which schools should remain open. On Thursday, Mr. de Blasio said that 16 schools in those areas will remain closed for now.

β€œWe’re going to keep those schools closed too because the city believes fundamentally those schools have to be closed as part of the overall strategy,” the mayor said.

City Hall officials were perplexed by the new maps of the governor, and disappointed by their lack of explanation, but grateful that he had decided to do something, an official of the de Blasio administration said. But two city officials said that the map files the state had given the city were inaccurate, with certain geographical boundaries not corresponding to streets, leaving residents to guess if their schools or shops were expected to close.

More Chaos And Confusions On Travel Rules

In New York, COVID chaos reigns, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo modifies travel rules while violating his pledge to revisit the indoor dining capacity of the city by Nov. 1.

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Much of America was deterred from visiting the 14-day isolation “required” by his quarantine list. As New York itself hit the marks that put a state on the chart. He eventually scrapped it. Yet his new method is just as bad for business and hits immediately before the holiday season: onerous criteria for research.
Visitors must have evidence of a negative test taken within three days of arrival. It must then be isolated for three days before receiving another test on the fourth day, says the Gov. (A “positive” means a quarantine of 14 days.) These laws often extend to New Yorkers leaving the state for 24 hours or longer.

Cuomo Broke His Own Pledge

The most likely to laugh off the order are also the ones most likely to be troubled. Cuomo will say regarding compliance is that the responsibility is held by “local health departments.” And no, he didn’t give any funds from the state to make it realistic.
Oh, and neighboring states are excluded, since their levels of positivity are much higher than those of the region. Last week, New Jersey and Pennsylvania had averages above 5 percent, vs. 1.58 percent for Gotham.
Meanwhile, Cuomo broke his pledge to rule by Sunday on increasing the potential of indoor dining in the area. In July, the rest of the state reopened at 50 percent power, without ill effects. But at the end of September, city spots only got a paltry 25 percent. The government leaves these already-at-the-edge companies in limbo by refusing to send an update. While city unemployment is double the national average.

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