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Again New Deadly Virus In China ! And This One Is Deadlier Than Coronavirus !

Source: Quartz

China Finds A New Virus Deadlier Than Coronavirus

China gave aa virus to the world that has shaken every country to its core. The whole world is going through a crisis and there is a new virus in town. You can probably relax for now as it is not yet confirmed. However, Chinese officials claim that they have found a new virus that is potentially more dangerous than coronavirus and can expand into a pandemic. If the statement becomes true, then the world will have to fight two viruses at the same time. It is best for you to hope that the new virus does not break into a pandemic.

China Reveals The Outbreak Of New Virus In Kazakhstan

China failed to reveal the outbreak of the virus on time which lead to the spread of the virus in many countries. Now the culprit of the pandemic is claiming that the epicenter of the new virus is Kazakhstan. China is very sure that there is an outbreak of new viruses in Kazakhstan. However, Kazakhstan has strictly denied these allegations and replied that there is no new outbreak of any new virus. If Kazakhstanis speaking a lie, then they may be the cause of the next pandemic.

News Of Coronavirus In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has managed to keep the virus under control. Like all other countries, the cases rose quickly. However, the government acted quickly and imposed lockdown and other preventive measures. Soon the graph came down and the government slowly unlocked their economic activities. It was going pretty good until the cases started rising again. They recently had the most cases in a day which was around 2000. With this in mind, the government is facing a second wave of the virus which is coming at them with a mightier force.

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Coronavirus Pandemic In The World

When the coronavirus outbreak happened in November last year, no one thought it would turn into a pandemic. Moreover, the world is nearing towards one year of the virus this November. By now, the US is leading the race with almostΒ  6 million cases. It is followed by India and Brazil who have more than 3 million cases by now.

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