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New iOS 14 Update Is A Much Needed Update On Incoming Calls. Check It Out !

iOS 14
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Apple iOS 14 Release

New Apple iOS 14 Update: Many Apple users were waiting for the release of iOS 14. People were speculating about the features of iOS left and right. However, it was getting difficult to know which was true and which wasn’t. To put things to rest, Apple officially released the beta version of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. The beta version is currently only available to the developers of Apple. iPhone and iPad users are waiting to get a hand on the new OS. Apple will make the beta version open for the public by next month.

iOS 14
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Apple WWDC 2020

WWDC is a grant event conducted by Apple. It is organized to make people know about the products that Apple is working on. Apple also tells a rough estimate of when to expect the products. Apple has started with the WWDC 2020 on 22 June 2020. Many new products are expected to be announced during this event. The event will continue to take place till 26 June 2020. Usually, WWDC is a large event as many people attend it. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced Apple to make the event into a virtual affair with no public attendance. This is the first time WWDC is being conducted virtually.

Apple iOS 14 Update On Incoming Calls

Apple has launched the beta version for Apple developers. One important update that you will notice with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 is related to the incoming calls. Earlier, when you received incoming calls in Apple iPhone and iPads, it used to take up the entire screen space. This would usually disturb what you were doing on your iPhone. You also had the risk of losing the progress of whatever you were doing. IOS 14 will solve this problem. After updating your smartphone to iOS 14, you will notice that incoming calls will no longer take up your screen space.

iOS 14
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When Can You Expect Apple iOS 14

Even as people are excited that the beta version has been released, the full-fledged software update will be released only by September. iOS 14 will come as an update in iPhone 6s and iPhone models above it. Moreover, the public beta version will release in a month for you to know what 1OS has in store for you.



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