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After two years, the much-anticipated Mirzapur finally returns with a new season. The BBC’s A Suitable Boy adaptation gets to see the light of day for Indian viewers. And a plethora of exciting originals awaits broadcast, all within the next seven days. So if during your viewing sessions, you enjoy a diverse range of choices. You are ranging from suspense and drama to action and comedy.

Here is the list of the movies to keep you hooked to the screen.

Comedy Couple( 21st October)

Source: indianexpress

A brand new rom-com with a literal comedic twist the film is a tale of two stand-up comics who have been dating for almost two years. Zoya Batra and Deep Sharma. Amid the chaos of stereotypical parents and flat evictions. The pair navigates the ups and downs of on-stage and off-stage life together. But this one too, like every other happy escapade, has its sets of obstacles and heartbreaks for the final act in store.

Rebecca(21st October)

Source: NBC News

When widower Maxim de Winter marries a beautiful woman in Monte Carlo, the dream wedding is how you can describe it. The new Mrs. de Winter comes to the luxurious family estate of her husband in England. She experiences herself gradually moving into her new lifestyle. Steadily falling under the shadow of Maxim’s ex-wife, the enigmatic Rebecca as the new bride has to fight the awful legacy left behind by Rebecca, which still stirs. It is a conflict of mind, courtesy of the bewildering housekeeper of the estate, Mrs Danvers.

Cadaver(22nd October)


Source: Heaven Of Horror

Cadaver, a dystopian thriller set in the wake of a nuclear disaster. It tells the tale of a pitiful family of three trying to make ends meet. Luck favours them on a fateful day. The individuals are invited by the native lodge to attend a play and have a meal. The father and son, Leonora and Jacob, along with their daughter, Alice will join the community and enter the institution. Masks are issued to all companies to distinguish them from the actors. But when people begin to disappear, the scenario becomes terrifying.

A Suitable Boy(23rd October)


Source: binged.com

The plot of this series is set in 1951. It revolves around a 19-year-old literature student, Lata (Tanya Maniktala). She challenges her mother’s search to find her a suitable boy by standing firmly against arranged marriage. Based on the immensely popular novel of the same name by Vikram Seth. It also tells the story of Maan Kapoor (Ishaan Khatter). A young boy who rebels against the strict way of life of his political father. He falls for a courtesan far older than him. This series explores the tension between tradition and modernity in post-Partition India, as the story unfolds.

Barbarians(23rd October)


Source: DeadLine

This German historical drama chronicles the battle of the Teutoburg Forest in real life. The war is fought between three Roman legions and an association of Germanic tribes. Barbarians concentrate on the position of Arminius. He was raised in Rome, but can also be the leader of the enemy tribes as he is forced to determine between his empire and his duty. His inner struggles result in incomprehensible bloodshed.

The Queen’s Gambit (23rd October)


Source: SparkChess

When Beth Harmon is given to an orphanage in the 1950s, and she discovers a stellar knack for chess. She transforms her desolation into energy. The glory of her board sport follows an unfortunate habit of sedatives that she uses to deal with her demons. Her growth is excellent. But her use of opioids curates a challenging lifestyle for her as she looks to make a mark on the planet of male-dominated aggressive chess. The limited collection relies on Walter Tevis’ novel. It aims to tell the story of Beth as she tears down typical barriers and struggles to beat her addictions.

Mirzapur 2(23rd October)


Source: Latest News Headlines

Set in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, the fan-favourite gangster drama has got the excitement cogs spinning again as it prepares for a second outing. The war to conquer Mirzapur is at its height. The season 1 lighting the fuse for brutal revenge with its inflammatory conclusion. After the murder of his brother and son, Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal) is alive and gunning for vengeance against the all-powerful Tripathi family.Β  It sets the stage for relentless violence and chaos.

Borat Subsequent Movie Film

Source: The Playlist

(23rd October)

This film is a rib-tickling sequel to the 2006 film, Borat. It continues the tradition set by the unique and narrates the hilarious real-life adventures of Sacha Baron Cohen’s fictional Kazakh journalist, Borat Sagdiyev. As Borat unravels the very fabric of American existence through his encounters with people from all walks of life across the country. It serves as a mockumentary. He is all set to dive deep into the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic this time roundβ€”the build-up around America’s 2020 elections.

The Undoing (25th October)

Source: Vulture

Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman) is a profitable therapist. She is with a supporting husband and a super boy lives her most good life. Her life crashes a few weeks later. Her husband vanishes. Grace decides to drag her socks up. She rebuilds a healthy life for her son amid this seemingly public disaster.

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