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Nia Sharma Turns 30! But Her Male Genitalia Cake Takes All The Attention

Nia Sharma
Source: Instagram

Nia Sharma Cuts A Male Genitalia Cake On Her Birthday

Remember that Friends episode where Rachel and Ross celebrate the first birthday of their daughter Emma. In the episode, Rachel accidentally orders a cake that has the face of Emma on a male genital shaped cake. Somewhat similar happened when Nia Sharma decided to celebrate her 30th birthday. She cut a cake that was in the shape of a male genital. While she was awestruck after seeing the cake, the people around the world thought it might just be too vulgar to share with her fans.

Nia Sharma
Source: Instagram

Nia Sharma Celebrates Her 30th Birthday

Nia Sharma turned 30, and her friends were there to make her feel special on her special day. Other than cutting the cake with male genitalia, she also cut half a dozen more cake. Moreover, Nia got many gifts shared through Instagram. Her friends from the industry came together to party, and she couldn’t have expected something better. Everything she did was captured and shared with her fans through Instagram.

Nia Sharma’s Birthday Cake Goes Viral

While Nia Sharma was busy celebrating, her cake took all the attention. Many people took offence at the kind of cake due to its resemblance to male genitalia. Moreover, instead of feeling happy about the birthday of Nia, people were fascinated by the cake. One cannot help but notice the fact that the cake was very graphic and was hard to ignore. Nia’s expression on seeing the cake was probably how everyone else reacted to seeing the cake.

Nia Sharma
Source: Jagran

Nia Sharma Replies To Trolls Post Backlash For Cake

Nia Sharma got a lot of hate and trolls from people who found the cake vulgar. However, Nia hardly seems to be bothered by such trolls. She made a post that had the caption, β€œWhacky weird or whatever. Keep Calm and Move on. har din Birthday Nahi aataaaaa (every day is not a birthday)”

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