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Nick Cordero’s Battle With Coronavirus Continues After 90 Days

Broadway star Nick Cordero’s battle with coronavirus has been going on for 90 days but the fight is still not over. Amanda Kloots has been updating the fans of his health regularly ever since he got admitted.

Nick was admitted to the hospital in March after contracting the virus and had to go through leg amputation due to the complications.

He awoke in May from a medically induced coma but has been on ventilators since then to help his lungs.

Nick Cordero’s

Amanda Kloots’ thanks to the health heroes

Amanda took to Instagram on Wednesday to share that Nick has been in the hospital for 90 days now.

She shared a picture of herself with Elvis, one-year-old son of the couple. In the picture, she was wearing a white top that said ‘hooray for health heroes’.

Amanda also wrote a message to thanks the medical staff for taking extraordinary care of Nick.

“I want to give a huge shoutout to the Health Hero’s that are taking care of my husband. Ninety days of extraordinary care and when he was COVID positive they were risking their lives to save his,” her post read.

Expressing her thanks she said, “The virus is a real thing and needs to be taken seriously. We will always do what we can to support that.”

Rehab centre for a year

Amanda Kloot said in one of her posts that Nick might need to spend a year in a rehab centre before he gets home.

While discussing his health in a previous post, she had revealed that Nick lost 65lbs while in the hospital.

She said that he couldn’t talk because he was on the ventilator and answers yes or no with his eyes.

“When he gets out of the hospital, because he is getting out of this hospital, he would go to a rehab centre and probably be at a rehab centre for a year before even coming home. They say for every week in the ICU is a month in rehab,” she said.

About Nick Cordero’s battle with coronavirus

It’s hard to understand how difficult it must be for Amanda to watch her husband go through so much.

She had posted an emotional photo of her holding hand of Nick in the ICU.

Talking to the “CBS This Morning“ co-host Gayle King about the photo, she said that she was waiting for the day when he holds her hand back.

She talked about the struggle and said that when one thing went right, another thing went wrong.

Although the situation has been difficult, Kloots had tried to stay positive through the ordeal. He’s still fighting. He’s in there and he is fighting. So if he can still fight after 90 days, I can still fight after 90 days.”

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