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Nicki Minaj Husband Kenneth Petty Pleads For Change In Trial Conditions Amid Nicki’s Pregnancy !

Nicki and Kenneth
Source: Hollywood Life

Nicki Minaj Announces She Is Pregnant

Nicki Minaj: Many celebrities have announced their pregnancy recently. While Katy Perry is rocking all her outfits with her baby bump, Vanessa Morgan also made a public announcement about the baby boy that is on the way. However, one person shocked the world through her pregnancy announcement. It was none other than rapper Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj announced that she was pregnant through an Instagram post on 20 July. She showed her baby bump and gave the caption, β€˜#preggers’. She also got a gift from Burberry for her child. However, she did not reveal the gender of the child.

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Who Is Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj’s Husband?

Nicki Minaj is carrying the baby of her husband Kenneth Petty. Kenneth is not the ideal husband one would wish for. The two know each other since their teenage but Kenneth became notorious very soon. In 1995, he was convicted for allegedly trying to rape a minor. In July 2019, he moved to California with Nicki Minaj to California but did not register himself as a sex offender. For the same reason, he is on a pre-trial release and cannot leave California.

Kenneth Petty Asks Modification In Pre-Trial Conditions For His Job As Nicki’s Manager

Kenneth Petty has now asked the court to modify his pre-trial conditions for his work as the manager of his wife Nicki. He has submitted documents in court asking for a change in the pre-trial conditions. The statement in the document says, β€œMr. Petty is currently employed as a manager for his spouse, Nicki Minaj. His employment requires periodic domestic travel as well as periodic work outside his curfew hours.”

Source: Hollywood Life

Kenneth Petty Asks Modification In Pre-Trial Conditions For Nicki Minaj’s Pregnancy

Kenneth Petty is also asking the court to modify the conditions so that he is there with his wife for her pregnancy. His statement further says, β€œMr. Kenneth Petty is also expecting a child. He has been advised that his current release conditions will not permit him to attend his child’s birth should it occur outside of curfew hours.” The document had a final point summarising his request which said, β€œMr. Petty submits the proposed modification so he can work and attend his child’s birth.”


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