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Nicole Kidman Hopes ‘Big Little Lies’ To Return For 3rd Season!

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Nicole Kidman Hopes’ Big Little Lies’ To Return For 3rd Season!:Β The Monetary Five apprehended us with their ravelling town and its secrets. Ever since Big Little Lies released in 2017, we are obsessed with the murders in their town.

Big Little Lies has a cast of talented actors such as Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Laura Dern and Meryl Streep.

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The 2nd Season came, and people were excited about discovering another part of their idyllic town. However, there are no reports for the third season as of now.

Nicole Kidman Hopes’ Big Little Lies’ To Return For 3rd Season.

It’s no secret that the monetary five swooned us with their experienced acting and left after doing just two seasons. What we thought was the last time, Nicole Kidman, however, ‘hopes’ that they will return for the 3rd instalment.
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Let’s be real, to see such star cast working together is a bonus for us. Especially when we’ve grown seeing these actresses in several movies. Nicole Kidman loves the cast and wants them to work on together on the sets of Big Little Lies.Β Other than just hoping they would work again, she gave us intel that maybe there would be another season, probably the final.

Was Big Little Lies A Limited Series?

Earlier, Big Little Lies was a limited series. But, after HBO released the series, it got an enormous number of ratings. The makers realised that they have more stories to tell, and this is why they decided to come back for the second Season.
But, the audience couldn’t stop binge-watching the series over and over. Fans have continuously been asking for them to make another season. And, trust me, the audience does have power! In the history of TV, many series have bounced back because the fans asked them to do so!

Nicole Kidman Talks About The Cast

We all know that the cast loves each other. The cast wants another season of BLL, and we are not complaining! All the actresses, including Reese Witherspoon, have spoken about how they want the show to return.
Here’s what Nicole Kidman said about her co-stars.
“The thread binds us all through this is so strong, and the desire to all be working together again. We’re very close as a group. If we can come up with things that might be magnificent, I would say we all jump in.”
Kidman also said that she’s working with the greatest actresses in the world and, that is one of the reasons why she’d want to return.
It’s amazing how all of these actresses love each other and want to work again! We hope Big Little Lies returns for their 3rd Season!


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