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Nicole Kidman Revealed That Divorce With Ex-Husband Tom Cruise Was Damaging

Nicole Kidman Revealed That Divorce With Ex-Husband Tom Cruise Was Damaging
Source: Vanity Fair

Nicole Kidman Revealed That Divorce With Ex-Husband Tom Cruise Was Damaging: Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise stuck with each other for 11 long years. They also share two children, Isabella and Conor together. The couple shared many happy moments.

Nicole Admitted That The Divorce With Tom Cruise Was Very Damaging

Kidman admitted herself that she was enjoying the marriage life with hubby Tom Cruise. However, she confessed that the divorce was very damaging. The ex-couple decided to split suddenly.

Nicole mentioned that the unexpected divorce shocked her, and she thought that she would never find love again in her life.

Kidman Revealed That The Ex-Couple Tried Very Hard To Work On Their Relationship

The Moulin Rouge actress also said that the former couple worked very hard for the relationship to work. She further added that Hollywood had seen many failed marriages, and thus they tried to put extra effort. They would often surprise each other and Cruise was very creative in this.

Nicole revealed that she never felt like marrying before meeting Tom Cruise. Before dating Cruise, she dated three other men. However, she was never sure of getting married until Tom came into her life. Kidman described Tom Cruise as an unusual and incredible person.

Nicole Kidman Is Happily Married To Keith Urban Since 2006

So, before getting married to Keith Urban, Nicole thought that she wouldn’t find the love of her life again. Kidman even said that her relationship with Cruise was perfect, and it was tough for her to move on. The Australian actress is happily married to Keith Urban since 2006.

Although now, her love life isn’t as flashy as it was with Tom Cruise, Kidman is happy with it.

Kidman said, β€œI’ve got an incredible life now, though. I have a short life, strangely enough. Everyone thinks it must be so complicated, but it’s not.” She said that her life was straightforward with her husband, Keith Urban and two daughters.

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