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Nicole Kidman: The Mystery That Connects ’The Undoing’ And ’Big Little Lies’.

Just when we thought Nicole Kidman should take a break, she is back again with another scandalous drama in ‘The Undoing’  like it’s the last one ‘Big Little Lies’. However, she has recently discovered a mysterious story about her husband in the series. Fans are so obsessed with it that they can’t wait for the revelations. Anyways the fans are also concern about Nicole who’s playing the character of Grace who is facing similar mystery is yet another series. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Unexpected From Nicole Kidman

Nicole acted as Celeste in the famous Big Little Lies. After which she got immense fame and live for her character. In the series, she was a wife who was put through an abusive husband who cheats her and then was murdered by her friends. It was a classic mystery that people loved. However, what’s surprising here is the fact that in her new series she has acted for a similar role which is even more mysterious.


In the new ‘The Undoing’ Nicole has played character Grace who is also facing death-like experience. Her husband is an abusive man who cheats on her almost every day. However, her husband might also be a murdering husband. Now if you see Nicole has given back to back amazing performances but this time with similar roles. Fans are very much confused if the story is anywhere related to Nicole herself or with someone close up her.


 The Mystery. 

Nicole Mary Kidman AC is a very famous Australian actress and producer. She has given her best performance in movies like Big Little Lies, The Undoing and many others. Nicole was even listed to be the highest-paid actress in 2018 and 2019.  She has given a variety of performance from love story to mystery and death. However, recently she has been a lot in the headlines for both her personal and professional life.

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Talking about her recent famous ‘The Undoing’ Nicole has played Grace who is a therapist and a writer who is looking forward to publish her first book. However, we see mixed emotions and actions throughout the season. The first episode where some just picks back up in the middle of Grace’s frantic search for Jonathan at the end  of the first episode. However, it was showed as just an unsuccessful act of tracking him down. But fans seem to love the series since it’s mysterious episode one.

The Undoing Recap

The Next morning Grace found a shocking truth which was a big revelation for the viewers as well. There Grace takes Henry to school, which is surrounded by press which shocks her even more. A lot of scandal and drama happens there near the school with the media people asking a variety of questions. With that Grace feels attacked and drops off Henry and tries to escape from the mess. However, she later goes in search of Jonathan. We can see her searching for him mainly in the hospital.


A lot of Mysterious situation come around the same corner which cops coming to arrest Grace and much more. It left many people in suspense and the others confused. However, fans are loving Nicole’s part and giving her immense love through the season. But are still trying to connect the dots and figure out the missing. What do you think about it?

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