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Nicole Poturalski: Brad Pitt’s new ladylove is already married

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalsk currently dating.

After a failed marriage with Angelina Jolie, ex-husband BradΒ  Pitt has again found his lady love. This time with Nicole Poturalski, 27, is in an open marriage with a restaurateur, 68

The fan finds about the new ladylove of Brad Pitt.

Recently, Brad Pitt had been snapped with Nicole Poturalski, in the South of France. The internet went into the storm as soon as the snap was made viral.

Brad Pitt had been snapped with Nicole Poturalski in Kanye West concert.

Fans of Brad’s took it upon themselves to find about the new ladylove. But they were stunned by the discovery of the life of Pitt’s new sweetheart.

Much to everyone’s surprise, it was revealed that the German model, 27, is in an open marriage with a restaurateur, 68.

The “Open Marriage” of the German Mode

Nicole Poturalski, 27, has been married to well-known German restaurateur Roland Mary, 68, for eight years, and the couple has a 7-year-old son.

A new sensation has been created after the picture of the model, and her current husband has emerged into the web.

This has created a buzz. In the picture, Poturalski has been looking drunk, with a smoke in hand, during a private dinner alongside still-current hubby, Roland Mary.

Roland dinner, Borchard has been used to host the high-profile personalities like former US president Barack Obama and Tom Cruise.

The picture is of Mary’s lavishing eatery in Berlin, Germany. A few of the couple’s friends can also be seen joining them in the private dinner.

Brad Pitt and his ladylove

According to some sources, it is assumed that the couple had met at Mary’s dinner. Pitt was there promoting the flick at the time.

Currently, the duo has been seen together arriving from Los Angeles, where Pitt currently resides. The couple had boarded the plane together to fly to the exotic location.

They are currently in France at the same chateaux where he married Angelina Jolie; the duo is on a secret vacation together.

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