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Nicole Young Sues Husband Dr Dre For Transferring Trademarks Without Her Consent

Nicole Young Sues Husband Dr Dre For Transferring Trademarks Without Her Consent
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Nicole Young Sues Husband Dr Dre For Transferring Trademarks Without Her Consent: Reportedly, Dr Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young, has sued him in a California court.

Young Claims That Dre Transferred Trademarks Without Her Consent

Nicole claims that she is the co-owner of his trademark as well as his landmark album. She further condemned Dre in the court papers. Nicole claimed that Dr Dre transferred the brands to a company without informing her.

Young believed that his husband had created an asset holding company which he also controls. In the past, he had threatened her for filing a divorce. According to her statement, he again kicked her out of the house dew months ago.

Bryan J. Freedman, LA’s famous attorney, is representing Young, as she sues Dr Dre for deceit. Influencers like Megyn Kelly and Gabrielle Union were his clients in the past.

They said that he had no right to transfer the essential trademarks secretly.

She alleged in her papers that after two days, she had no choice but to give up to the demand for divorce. Dre wanted to transfer the trademarks so he could get advantage from the divorce. It reflects his true colours and personality. Nicole, 24, is the wife of Dr Dre and also a mother to his three children.

Nicole Wants All The Valuable Trademarks In The Trust

The couple is fighting over a prenup. Nicole wants $2 million per month in spousal support. She had mentioned their luxurious lifestyle and the need for money to maintain it.

Nicole wanted all the valuable trademarks in the trust. She is suing her husband for damage caused and legal fees. Previously, she had asked for $5million as legal fees from a court. Young intends to fight her divorce case wit it.

Dr Dre Lawyers Have Claimed That Nicole Refused To Return His Belongings

Dre lawyers have claimed that Nicole refused to return his possessions from their Malibu home. His belongings include a registered handgun, motorcycle and a golf club. To this, Young replied in the papers that with his net worth around $1 billion, he is capable enough to get new items.

Power lawyer Laura Wasser is representing dre. They haven’t commented yet on this situation.

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