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Nintendo Confirms Over 160,000 Nintendo Network Accounts Have Been Hacked

Nintendo Network Accounts
Nintendo Network Accounts

On Friday, it was revealed by Nintendo that over 160,000 Nintendo Network Accounts have been hacked since April 2020. The officials at Nintendo confirmed that there has been a massive hacking attempt that has compromised the data of over 1.6 million users.

In the wake of this chaos, Nintendo will be temporarily suspending log in to the Nintendo Networks using the NNID. It was confirmed that the hackers obtained the user data by some other illegal means and have been using other people’s accounts since the beginning of April.

What Exactly Does This Hack Mean For Nintendo Users?

Nintendo Network Accounts

Since the beginning of April, the users have complained about missing funds from their Nintendo accounts. This hack also means that there is a chance that a user’s personal information such as his name, nickname, place of birth, date of birth, profession, country, and email address may also have been leaked.

If you own an account on Nintendo, there may be a chance that your account has been hacked as well. The hackers will have access to your payment accounts, including the credit cards linked to your Nintendo Account.

What Steps Is Nintendo Taking Against This Breach?

Nintendo Network Accounts

Nintendo has laid down a few protocols in this time of crisis. Simultaneously, Nintendo has also undertaken drastic measures in the wake of this breach. The company has temporarily disabled login to all Nintendo Accounts using the NNID (Nintendo Network ID ).Β The breached accounts will be getting their passwords to reset amid this chaos.

Similarly, Nintendo will be notifying every affected user by email. Nintendo has recommended every user to enable the two-factor notification. You can find the steps to enable the two-factor notification in the link below:


Nintendo is yet to answer the questions regarding the source of the breach and all the additional information that may have leaked out. The company has urged every user from around the globe to put an extra layer of security measure to his/her payment account.

Check out this video to find out all the things you can do to protect yourself in these times:




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