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Nintendo Switch 2: Can “Nintendo Next Switch” Could Have Two Screens? Leaked Updates!

nintendo switch 2

Nintendo Switch 2: Incoming

Nintendo may be working on a dual-screen Nintendo Switch 2. It is according to the data extracted by a security researcher in the console’s 10.0.0 firmware update.

Mike Heskin is a confessed reverse engineer and infosec enthusiast. He did some digging into the latest Switch firmware update. Mike claims prior support for a new model of Switch codenames’ nx-bcd.’ Heskin claims that help is for a second screen.

Nintendo Switch 2: New Dual-screen Switch

In a nutshell, this little bit of information can translate into Nintendo working on a new Switch. It has a clamshell-like design that holds a second screen. This looks much similar to the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Nintendo Switch 2.
Th upcoming dual-screen model of Nintendo is expected in 2021.

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The New Code Tracks With The Previous Codenames

Such a simple codename may raise an eyebrow at how appropriate it is. However, it does track with previous codenames Nintendo has used in its firmware. Some of those codenames include nx-abcb, which is the codename for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

We can’t say that the new codename in the latest firmware guarantees a new Switch model. But it will be an exciting snippet of data to talk over.

Nintendo DS And 3DS Handhelds:

Nintendo has been making use of dual and second-screen devices for some time. It is possible with the successful Nintendo DS and 3DS handhelds and the far less successful Wii U. The Wii U combines a TV console with a tablet gamepad. So creating a Switch with a new screen doesn’t seem to be an improper idea.

Nintendo switch 2
The new Nintendo 3DS with dual screen.

It is not clear whether such a console will be a next-generation Switch or perhaps a form of next-gen 3DS. The console also supports for Switch games. The only hint of such a console is given in the firmware. We can’t expect to hear much from Nintendo on a new Switch or 3DS-like console in any recent times.

Switch Consoles May Get Out Of Stock

Nintendo is selling a lot of Switch consoles at the moment. Now it turns out to be quite challenging to find one on sale. So there is imaginably a lot left in the tank for the Switch’s lifespan. It is especially with games like Animal Crossing: New HorizonsΒ proving hugely popular at the moment.

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