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Nintendo Switch And Switch Lite: The Global Shortages Of The Popular Video Games!

Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch gaming consoles.

Currently, gaming is a massive part of our everyday activity. Most of us agree since we have nothing to do except attending online classes/meetings. To add on our misery, Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite have almost run out of stock.

Probable And Reported ReasonsΒ 

There are various reasons why the company is facing a massive drawback. Let’s have a brief idea: Gaps in the supply change as factories have entirely shut down in China and Vietnam. Employees are working from home, causing a slowdown in the production process.

The economy of each country facing massive hits on their finances ( due to coronavirus outbreak )β€”the launch of new games, adding up to the already large number of consumers. Schools and Colleges have left students with a hefty amount of time, lack of recreation.

Nintendo switches
Many countries fall short on popular games from Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch: Dreadful Outbreak

Nintendo Co. Is facing bumps on its own. Since there are students from schools and colleges with nowhere to go, turning to game is one of the only intriguing options. The stocks of Nintendo Switch survived the shortages and suppliers continued to out products till the early months of 2020. Japan discovered it was almost out in mid-February, followed by Vietnam and China.

All factories in China were closed since the start of the year. Vietnam too had in store a similar fate. So far, there haven’t been any reports on recovering from the shortfall.

Animal Crossing

Along with the pandemic, another factor affecting such a rise in demand is the newly released game. Animal Crossing new Horizons came out just a few weeks since, with amazing new features and a collection of golden tools. All the fans of the Animal Crossing series were thrilled.

Parents or students might have agreed to get the latest Nintendo Switch just after the release of the game. With the holiday- Easter, it could’ve been gifted to and for many people. Some stores plan on selling these at double prices!

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Nintendo Switch
Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Nintendo Switch.

Where To Grab One

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite were already famous when it first came in the market, and they flew off the shelves in minutes. If you are wondering how to get your hands on one, you’d be entirely out of luck. Amazon and other online stores are presently not delivering products everywhere. Even if they are, the device is most likely out of stock.

There are; however, some people selling it off (used product) in eBay and Craigslist. They’re doing it for a price way higher than the original. I do not recommend these mediums at all if you’re not entirely sure about the product.

If you just want to play the Animal Crossing, try this. Keep finding wonderful swaps of the console (most likely other games), and have a wonderful quarantine time!

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