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Nintendo Switch: New Pokemon Snap Is Now Coming To Nintendo Switch!

New Pokemon Snap Game Announcement
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New Pokemon Snap Is Now Coming To Nintendo Switch!:Β Almost 17 years after the last Pokemon game, Nintendo Switch is coming with yet another classic game! That’s right Pokemon Snap is making a comeback!

The previous game was on the classic Nintendo 64 back in 1999. In the game, we have to capture pictures of Pocket Monsters. The word ‘Pokemon’ is a mixture of two words ‘Pocket’ and ‘Monsters’.

Pokemon Snap is loosely related to 1997 anime show named Pokemon. In the show, three best friends travelled across the world to capture Pokemons. In 2016, the concept made its way towards a mobile game- Pokemon Go. The mobile game is similar to Pokemon Snap.

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Let us dig into the details of Pokemon Snap.

Pokemon Snap: Summary

The game revolves around you (the main protagonist) who travels to unknown islands with lush green jungles and sandy beaches. All you have to do is click pokemon pictures if you see them. The pictures will be in your own ‘Pokemon Photodex’.

Pokemon Snap On Nintendo
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This new game brings changes in the original Pokemon Snap on Nintendo 64. The new Pokemon Snap game is giving the original one an edge of new technology.

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Pokemon Snap Release Date, Trailer And Other Details.

Unfortunately, they have not disclosed the exact release date of the new Pokemon Snap. The trailer mentioned ‘Coming Soon’ which does not give anything. You can watch the trailer here!
I estimate that the game will release sometime in 2021 due to the Coronavirus Outbreak. The makers are working on the game and, we expect them to give us more information in the coming months.
Regardless of the uncertainty, we have a piece of good news! Pokemon Snap is releasing exclusively on Nintendo Switch! This concept means that it will work on most of the Nintendos. On June 17th, in the presentation, we saw the possibility of a Pokemon Snap being a mobile game.

What To Expect From The New Pokemon Snap.

Nintendo has not yet revealed lists of new Pokemon in this new game. The reveal trailer did show a mixed variety of species but, the makers haven’t confirmed anything yet.
We are expecting the new game to be of high-tech quality and to exceed our expectations of the previous Pokemon Snap. Stay tuned to find out more!



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