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Nintendo Switch : Switch is sold out ( almost) everywhere. Find out where to get one now.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the hot topic today. Well, it has always stayed on and off the racks. Why? The answer is quite simple, it is a pretty good game.

Nintendo Switch

As soon as it was released around 2017, Nintendo took the markets by a huge achievement. Flocks of kids and even adults made it spike the markets resulting in one of the most sold games. Amounting to about 299 dollars, the switch can be either played on hand or connected to a particular device.

The video game console can provide us with a lot of amazing experience and fun moments. Especially in times of global crisis like the one we are going through, Nintendo Switch is standing by us.

The Animal Crossing

The number one reason for the games to be out of stock could be the release of Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing New Horizons is a new game playable over Nintendo which came about just around March this year. This is why an abundance of the younger side of the population preferred getting a Nintendo.

One of the reasons why it went almost out of stock in some countries was the release of Animal Crossing. Who wouldn’t like to get some wood and achieve badges?

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Scarcity Due To CoronavirusΒ 

The coronavirus impact on everything is quite irritating now. As the schools are shut and even every college student is staying home, they have to find something to do. To kill time, many students are finding comfort in gaming rather than crying over the fact that they can’t leave home. Can it get any worse?
The production of the switch which is carried on worldwide is also at a halt. Though according to reports some of the Foxconn factories are trying to make a comeback to recover the market, it isn’t that easy. Since China is severely economically broken at the moment, the delay in production is stretching over a long time.

A lot of places are still negotiating the product actively. However, some countries have been facing a stock problem. Amazon has perhaps run out of stock too. Well, there is a solution for everything now. You can look up for some second hand Nintendo over eBay or Craiglist. And, if that isn’t convincing enough, look up here for a number of places from where you can purchase it!

Keep playing and stay safe. Make sure to maintain social distancing, but game characters can’t get infected, right?

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