Nioh 2, Release Date, GamePlay, Costing And Every Thing You Want To Know

Nioh 2


Nioh 2 is set to release on March 13. As far as now, it is available only for Play Station 4 exclusively. It is expected to be released on PC too, but till now there is no official announcement on that

Sony and Team Ninja offer a Trial Demo for the fans which can be accessed from Friday, February 28 at midnight PST to Sunday, March 1 at 11:59 p.m. PST Β to experience the game which doesn’t require Play Station

With the demo, the players can indulge themselves with the story’s characters where they can get to know about YOKAI’s abilities, his management, the DARK REALM, the weapons and the attacks in a full screen. It is not clear how long it goes or whether it covers the whole story

Amazon has got the pre-orders for the SPECIAL EDITION costing $79.99 – which comes as a full game in a steel bookcase, an art book and a seasonal pass which can be redeemed for play station


NIOH 2 is a prequel to the Nioh ( the previous game), and it will take you back to 1500s

The game has got lots of customization options for the players where the player can pick the gender of the samurai and customize the look. It is to made to feel them Β like a boss and to satisfy them; they can customize the armour/weapon

The player can obtain soul cores from the dead yokai, and there will be co-op for up to 3 players like it was in Nioh

There are three major DLCs planned in addition to the gameplay, new weapons and combat abilities and new characters.

Players Β can experience three of the game’s missions before the release in the demo

“Nioh 2Β is a game that speaks toΒ SoulsΒ fans. It pairs technical combat and tons of loot with genre-accurate difficulty and a change of scenery. That alone makes it worth checking out.”


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