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Nizi Project Season 2 Episode 2: Release Date, Cast, What Will Be Storyline? Get To know The Updates !

Logo of Nizi Project

Nizi Project: What Is It About

Really shows are getting more and more popular with every passing day. To be honest, none of us have got anything better than this to do. Did you know Niji means a variety of beautiful colours? That will be the hint for the show.

Nizi Project is actually sponsored and backed by the JYP Entertainment (Japan) and shows girls featuring and training after the auditions. Here, there are around 26 girls who come up to train and expect to be selected by JYP as the best.

[Nizi Project] S1 #3 Highlights - YouTube

The contestants or the participants obviously need to possess some unique qualities to get in the show. If the girls are successful in their trainings in the duration of 6 months, they get to be in the top Japanese Girls Group. This selection too, is made by the JYP.

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Nizi Project Season 2: Cast Members

We get to see a variety of contestants here, every person being a unique individual adds spice to the content. Our regular member host, Park Jin Young is adorable! How about you? Who is your favourite contestant? Let’s look at the members:

Nizi Project Part 2 Profile Photos (HD/HQ/HR) - K-Pop ...

  • Suzuno Miihi
  • Yamaguchi Mako
  • Arai Ayaka
  • Katsumuro Maya
  • Hirai Momoka
  • Ikematsu Hiria
  • Yokoi Rima
  • Nina Hillman
  • Hanagachi Rio
  • Ogou Mayuka
  • Hanabashi Rio
  • Inoue Makari
  • Or Riku
  • Anh Yuma

All these beautiful girls presenting something new to us every day. I wonder how people tear off their eyes!

Nizi Project Season 2 Episode 2

The show was set to release last year around October. Seems like the JYP Entertainment had some trouble in the production process, hence the delay. However, it did come up with its promising stream of episodes in early 2020.

[Nizi Project] S1 #1 Highlights - YouTube

We don’t have any specific details or update about episode 2, but you can watch the YouTube trailer released. The show streams in NTV Japan every weekend. It is available online too if you want to binge all episodes late. I think Hulu will be the best option.

The only hint, for now, is: 14 contestants are here and only 9 will go forward to train in Korea. Whom are you rooting for?

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